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TGE is a family owned business located in South Australia, and have been providing customer solutions since 1964. We have a long term progressive outlook and pursue positive outcomes for our customers.

Through our commitment to excellence and the pride and diligence in our work, TGE will strive to ensure that the needs of our customers are continually met with quality services and products. The company's service record and stability over the past 38 years has encouraged many customers and organisations to remain clients of TGE.

TGE provide complete services as Electrical Contractors, as well as Consulting Engineers in the areas of electrical, building services and telecommunications.



ABN 43 099 114 879
Telephone : +61 8 8264 2552     Facsimile : +61 8 8264 3552
Postal Address : P.O. Box 131, Ingle Farm SA 5098